Between Images talk at Iaspis


Imaginable Experiences for Future Memories
November 3, 2008

Alex Villar in conversation with Simon Sheikh

Alex Villar has developed a practice that concentrates on issues of social space and the public sphere. Taking an interdisciplinary theoretical approach, employing video-performance, installation and photography he intervenes in public spaces. These interventions consist in positioning the body of the performer, often the artist himself, in situations where the codes that regulate everyday activity can be made explicit.

Theoretical references are made to the extensive work done on the problematics of space, especially the works of Foucault and de Certeau, which describe the panopticon and heterotopic spaces as well as the potential for everyday re-writings of urban space. Aesthetic traditions foregrounding Alex Villar’s work range from the performance-based sculptures and installations made in the sixties and seventies by Helio Oiticica, Ligia Clark and Cildo Meirelles to the urban strategies of the Situationists and the anarchitecture of Gordon Matta-Clark. Like the in-between activities it seeks to investigate, Alex Villar’s work lives between various fields: part nomadic architecture, part intangible sculpture and part performance without spectacle.

Simon Sheikh is a curator and critic. He is currently an assistant professor of Art Theory and head of the Critical Studies Program, Malmö Art Academy in Sweden. His curatorial interests centre on notions of narration, space and publicity, particularly within public works and the realm of video and film. He has written a number of articles about the changing public sphere within cultural production in the United States after the changes made to civil liberties and freedom of speech since 9-11 for said paper.

Sheikh was director of Overgaden – Institute for Contemporary Art in Copenhagen, 1999-2002 and Curator at NIFCA, Helsinki, 2003-2004. Editor of the magazine Øjeblikket 1996-2000, and a member of the project group GLOBE 1993-2000. Besides curating a number of larger group shows, he has also edited a couple of anthologies.

Maria Skolgata 83, 2 vån
118 53 Stockholm
tel: 08-50 65 50 00

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Between the Images is a project initiated by Xposeptember and presented in collaboration with Cinemateket, Iaspis, Index – The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation, Romanian Cultural Institute and wip:konsthall.

The project is supported by Swedish National Council for Cultural Affairs, The Culture Administration of Stockholm and Stockholm County Council.

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