Catching Up

3 min video, silent, color, 2010

Catching Up takes as its point of departure the everyday experience of rushing to catch a train that leaves before one can get inside. This missed encounter, the frustration it generates and the reactions it produces provided the material basis for a fictionalized rendition of these experiences.

The video forgoes realistic representation in favor of a more dream-like atmosphere in which it becomes possible to create a more absurd composition of disparate scenarios. For instance, rather then making use of a standard subway train, a more futuristic model was used, following the design used for super fast trains, where the surfaces of the vehicle are more streamlined, more organic in a way, one could even say fish-like.

The two train stations used in the video follow the current luxurious trend for architecture of public spaces, the tendency to borrow from styles more current in clubs and hotels. One of these stations was found in Rio de Janeiro, the other in Munich. Finally, the main character is dressed in a wetsuit, a rubberized vest designed for the aquatic environment, typically used by surfers.

Normally, only in a dream, such discrepant experiences would come together into a single visual style of consistent colors and elongated curved lines, a smooth environment in which experiences normally found in one context could inhabit the same contiguous space. The goal was to create an imaginary space that was not so distant from its references in real life, but different enough in its aggregated form so that slightly dissenting gestures could became gradually possible.

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