City Beats, Dorsky

Curated by Berit Fischer
Dorsky Gallery | Curatorial Programs
September 13- November 15, 2009

City Beats employs video to compile a polyrhythmic cacophony of glances at non-events within the urban commonplace and offers new ways of looking at and questioning structured relationships between the elements of time and place, private and public, framework and content. Similar to the implications of rhythm, the pulse of a metropolis is pervaded by regulated recurring patterns and repetitions of behaviors, habits and urban rituals. Prescriptive codes that define daily life correlate with micro geographies in which the human body defines the social and biological rhythm. While interrogating the ways our daily actions are conditioned and controlled, City Beats creates a temporal look at urban space and the human condition within it. Urban space, (insomuch as it is a primary, representative space of a given society) is a social product, a complex social construction that is based on a shared system of cultural values and the social production of meanings that affect spatial practices and perceptions.

The artists in City Beats — Laura Bruce, Rainer Ganahl, Dryden Goodwin, Alexander Heim, Ben Judd, Stephan Pascher, Jeff Preiss, and Alex Villar — respond to both physical architecture as well as sociopolitical and psychogeographical environments and structures; the exhibition aims to stimulate in its viewers a new and critical awareness of the urban everyday.

About the curator Berit Fischer has been an independent curator for contemporary art since 1999. Previously based in New York and London, she currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany. She is one of the co-founding curators of The Brewster Project (2001) and has curated shows in the U.S.A. including the Brooklyn Waterfront Outdoor Sculpture exhibition at the Fulton Ferry Park, D.U.M.B.O Arts Festival, and Cuchifritos, and internationally at Intrude 366 at Zendai MoMA, Shanghai (China) and the Standpoint Gallery (London, UK) among many others. She was awarded a residency at Delfina Studio Trust (London, UK) and participated at the European Course for Contemporary Art Curators (Milan, Italy) with visiting professor Charles Esche. Additionally, Ms. Fischer has worked since 2006 for the arts journal Afterall (London, UK).

About DGCP Dorsky Gallery Curatorial Programs is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that presents independently-curated exhibitions of contemporary art. Working with curators, writers, and art historians, DGCP aims to illuminate and deepen the public’s understanding and appreciation of issues and trends in contemporary art. Contact David Dorsky at (718) 937–6317 or via email at More info Exhibition brochure Conversation and reading

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