City Beats: A Different Approach to the Urban


Dorsky Gallery | Curatorial Programs
Sunday, September 20, 2009, 2:30 to 4 pm

A conversation between Berit Fischer, curator of the current exhibition City Beats and the artists Rainer Ganahl, Ben Judd, Stephan Pascher, and Alex Villar.

While looking at the artworks in the exhibition this discussion will focus on the urban space and concepts of contemporary flâneurism, as a referent for understanding and re-conceptualizing urban phenomena. While reconsidering our immediate urban environment, our conduct and habitual routines in contemporary societal structures, the constructed mechanisations of life and belief systems will be drawn into scrutiny.

The conversation will be followed by “Reading Karl Marx” with Rainer Ganahl.
As an integral part of his art practice, Rainer Ganahl has been holding communal group-readings and discussions worldwide since the early 1990ies. For him ‘culture is always an ensemble of social actions expressing common values and interests shared by a community’. On the occasion of the exhibition City Beats, Ganahl will be reading and discussing with the audience selected excerpts of Karl Marx’s “Capital” (1867) that reference the city as a production and market place.

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