CTAB Attitude 2016

October 15, 8pm, 2016
Cultural Center Magaza Bitola

Attitude is a research project that deals with the position of the artist and each individual as well towards violence that might be caused by the state of over regulated society. This year Attitude explores different perception of space and its integration into works of art, but also the option of entering the new mental world as well as the relation between the public sphere, institution and society. Instead of festival event, as it started in 2004., this year it is divided into three parts - the last one which will be realised on 15th October through presentation of video works is treating the problem of space and time and the another two (workshop and documentation of previous works in different spaces in Bitola) in which had been intergated the traditional values with new interactive and sometimes subversive actions.

Attitude is a project of CCPA Elementi, this year in collaboration with: Ana Frangovska(National Gallery of Macedonia-MUltimedia Center Mala stanica), Mira Gakina (Museum of Contemporary Art SKopje), Viktorija Momeva Altiparmakova (Institute and Museum Bitola) and Velimir Zernovski (artist).

Ministry of Cullture of Republic of Macedonia.

20.00 (music performance)
Dimitar Dodovski, live / 40’
20.40 (video & film projections)
Luca Curci/Fabiana Roscioli, Impossible language, 2004/ 11’44”
Caroline Koebel, Grand Central, 2008/ 5’43”
Alex Villar, Crash course, 2008/ 1’
Yemenwed, Episode 3, 2008/ 17’40”
Ariana Gerstein, UpCycles, 2016/ 6’58”
Gregor Nadzam, Close-up, 2016/ 3’
Irena Paskali, Essence, 2010/ 4’
Mirna Arsovska, Untitled song, 2015/ 00’48”
Aleksandar Spasoski, Voyeur, 2007/08/ 5'
Sinisha Radulovich, Thing we haven’t found, 2015/ 5’43”
Velimir Zernovski, Pieta, 2014/ 9’
OPA, Eternal body, 2013/loop

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