De-tour at UKS, Oslo

Alex Villar exhibition curated by Øyvind Renberg
January 21—February 20, 2005. Opening: Friday, Jan 21, 7 pm.
UKS, Lakkegata 55D, Oslo, Norway

Alex Villar’s long-term investigation of potential spaces of dissent in the city focuses on the productive conjunction of the body and the architectural environment. His are micropolitical interventions in the social experiences that constitute our subjectivity. Villar makes use of performative displacements of regular daily activities to engage resistance in the rearticulation of the normative processes at work in everyday life.

In this exhibition, three of Villar’s video pieces—Other Ways, Upward Mobility and Dribbling the Field—are presented in constructed settings conceived as tangible contextualizations of the situations depicted in his work. Other Ways shows a person getting entrapped in a variety of underground spaces in the New York subway. This video is shown inside a provisionally built space that resembles the subway environment and replicates some of its spatial situations. Upward Mobility shows someone climbing on building façades and pursuing other vertical deviations from the norm. A multi-level scaffolding structure houses the projector that presents the piece. Dribbling the Field, a piece done with neuroTransmitter, conflates the action of dribbling in a soccer game with the experience of finding one’s way in the city while aided by a radio broadcast. The projection screen that supports this video is configured as a soccer goal that, as in the other pieces, inscribes the viewer in the experiences the work depicts.

This Brazilian-born artist based in New York has exhibited his video and photographic work throughout Europe, United States and Brazil. De-tour at uks is his first solo exhibition in Norway. The event provides an opportunity to examine the discursive and collaborative contexts in which Villar’s work has developed. A conversation between Alex Villar, Andrea Kroksnes, Øyvind Renberg and Miho Shimizu, recorded during Alex’s initial visit to Oslo, is featured in a brochure/poster that accompanies this exhibition. In order to emphasize the fluid borders that characterize cultural production in general and Villar’s art practice in particular, an ongoing series of talks organized by Danger Museum called Dialogical Encounters will be given by artists who have recently collaborated with Alex. Already planned are the encounters of artist Valerie Tevere with one of UKS Biennial curators Helga-Marie Nordbye on February 4; and the encounter of artist Maryam Jafri with UKS director Trude Iversen on February 11.

Lakkegata 55D, 0187 Oslo, Norway Tel+47 22195050
Gallery hours: Tue-Fri 12-17, Sat-Sun 12-16. Talks at 7 pm.
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