Dissecting the Art Practice

Adv Practice
Fine Arts, MFA Program
Parsons, The New School
Fall, 2015

This course is a practice lead class that conducts a comprehensive investigation of the various processes that structure a body of work, from its generative forces to the fundamental challenges surrounding its making. Questions being addressed include: How overarching interests shape the direction the work takes? How general theoretical ideas correlate with very particular actions presented in the work? What established mechanisms the work seeks to counter? Which tactics are devised in the work? What positionality the work assumes? How does the work’s materiality, or immateriality, develops as a language? The objective of providing an example for dissection in a pedagogical environment is that by laying bare the elements of its composition one may gain a better understanding of how the entire ensemble operates. The course is comprised of a series of performative lectures followed by informal seminar discussions. While references for each lecture are provided in advance, ideas are summarized in class to pave the way for discussion. Participants are invited to actively interject throughout the sessions to bring up problems related to their own practice.

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