Dribbling the Field

Installation at Hansberg/Woolf, Glasgow, 2011

4 min video, sound, 2003

This piece conflates the action of dribbling in a soccer game with the experience of finding one’s way in the city. Clearly, both experiences are distinct in character, but they share a similar set of rules that organize and control the range of activities permitted in their respective fields. What this project proposes is a re-articulation of some of these prescriptive codes.

Differently from the soccer player, the city player runs backwards. This simple reversal complicates the experience and reveals the artificial uniformity that stems from the everyday use of the city. It also allows the body to create other rhythms out of its newly gained inadequacy.

Dribbling the Field, 4 min video, sound, 2003

This piece was commissioned for an exhibition at Exit Art. The sound was produced collaboratively with the art collective neuroTransmitter, who are also present in the video.

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