Encontros, Paraíso Subway Station

Encontros, Paraíso Subway Station

Curator: Giselle Beiguelman Selection: Nelson Brissac Peixoto, Ricardo van Steen, Guilherme Kujawski, luiz duVa e Fernando Oliva Paraíso Subway Station,
São Paulo April 11 and 25 –
May 16 and 30

Ivan Claudio, Alex Villar, Zilch, Júlio Leite, Rodrigo Born, Miro Soares, Marco Del Fiol, Davi Flores, David D’Visant, Manifesto21.tv

The video “Crash Course” will be shown in the project “Encounters,” by the Secretary of Metropolitan Transportation of São Paulo, along with nine other finalists from the 2010 Festival httpVideo, which was conducted by the Instituto Sergio Motta with the theme “In Transit: Mobility and entropy.”

The screenings will take place on April 11 and 25, as well as on May 16 and 30, at noon, in the space “Encounters” at the Paraíso Subway Station in São Paulo, Brazil.

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