Force of Forward, Anchorage

Curated by Leo Kuelbs Manhattan Bridge Anchorage April 8 — 10, 2010

Daniel Leeb, Christine Schulz, Tamas Veszi and Alex Villar

“Force of Forward” is a three-evening video event exploring the nature of momentum and forward motion as its basis, presented on the anchorage of the Manhattan Bridge. As trains, cars, trucks, bicycles and pedestrians pass overhead, curator, Leo Kuelbs, has selected four artists, with international backgrounds, to articulate how the velocity of life varies from city to city. These differences are felt keenly by the artists who experience them from their own, unique, international and personal perspectives. The program begins at sundown and is comprised of four short videos (mostly around 5 minutes) set to loop until Midnight.

Daniel Leeb’s “E=Mcycle ver2.5,” uses a front-mounted camera to capture the essence of a bicycle delivery rider moving through the living, shifting city streets.

Tamas Veszi’s “Waiting” is an indefinable entity, like an infinite and invisible transportation unit passing over from a static winter to a dynamic spring while localizing the moment that is in motion.

Christine Schultz’s “GODSPEED IV” is a work with video sequences and animated collages of the world of motion, our today’s reality, high and low, tourism of the future, holidays on the moon.

Alex Villar’s “Dribbling the Field” conflates the action of dribbling in a soccer game with the experience of finding one’s way in the city. Differently from the soccer player, the city player runs backwards.

“Force of Forward” is presented by Leo Kuelbs Collection, “New York City Department of Transportation’s Urban Art Program under its Arterventions public art track” and Frederico Sève/Latin Collector Gallery, NYC.

At intersections of Front St./Pearl/Anchorage Place
Dumbo, Brooklyn
New York, NY

Benjamin Sutton, Manhattan Bridge Anchorage Doubling as Video Art Screen Through Saturday (New York: L Magazine, the Measure,
April 8 2010)

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