Irrational Intervals

World Financial Center, installation view. 2002

This piece dwells upon those rare moments when, in the fast-moving life of the city, the body is temporarily at rest. The work depicts the common practice of “smoke breaks” - a short break in the workday taken to smoke a cigarette. It focuses on the correlation between these breaks and the empty pockets in architecture that are sought by smokers to avoid pedestrian traffic. Outside the work site and apart from the continuous flow of the street, the smoker occupies a zone of indifference between two distinct spheres and their respective codes: the one that regulates behavior in the workplace and the other that organizes pedestrian flows on the street. Intervals between activities do not exactly take place outside the normative processes that shape everyday life but the slight misalignment that occurs where these codes intersect provides an opportunity to disrupt their formative influence.

8 min, silent, video, 2002

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