N-Box, Shanghai

N-Box, Shanghai
Curated by Li Ningchun
April 15–21, 2013

Fernando Velazquez, Alex Villar, Marcelo Amorim, César Meneghetti, Raquel Kogan, Zhang Lehua, Xu Zhe, Li Ming, Isabelle Bonté, Ye Linghan, Liang Yue, Wang Xin, Fernanda D´Agostino, Jiang Zhi, Nam Hyojun, Tuomas Laitinen, Supermafia.

Video Rooms existed in cities and towns all over China during the very beginning of the Reform & Opening in the 1980s as a medium of pop culture, just as the cinema nowadays. At that time when TV was just introduced and Internet was still a dream to be reached, video rooms took on the roles of spreading the concept of “image” via such an entertaining method. As the updated substitute of video room, N-Box screens selected videos from N-Minutes Video Art Festival and Video Guerrilha made by local and international artists.

Shanghai K11 Art Space
B3, 300 Huaihai Zhong Lu

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