On the Edge

Shot during a residency at Iaspis in Stockholm, the piece registers the quotidian experiences of a pedestrian as he negotiates the shared space of the street. As with my other pieces, I began by researching the site and then by performing actions that were captured in video. Once edited, the resulting piece depicts a collection of walks through portions of urban spaces that are not meant to be used by passersby. These include gaps between parked cars and the curb, the outer space of fenced sidewalks, narrow passageways, niche spaces between benches or between street poles and walls, among others. As the sequence progresses and the scenes accumulate in the viewer's mind, an assessment may be formed that a slight demarcation is underway. It is not made overtly clear what is at stake in the proposed mapping. But what becomes apparent is that the logic that underpins these movements and the path they take does not follow the same logic that organizes the usable spaces of the city. In other words, the alternate path these movements delineate do not assume a pursuit of the spaces of the city founded on purpose, safety and expediency--the values that provide the rational foundation for the urban city. Instead, they seem to entail a logic that is simultaneously playful, irreverent, risky, even contrary. Collectively, these actions comprise a mindset that is nothing like the matter-of-fact appearance of normalcy that typifies everyday life in the city. Instead they convey a sense of reluctance and non-conformity, which are in themselves subtle forms of resistance.

Between School Sign and Façade, c-print, variable dimensions, 2007
Turned Jersey Barrier, c-print, variable dimensions, 2007
Semi-circle Sidewalk, c-print, variable dimensions, 2007
Round Sidewalk, c-print, variable dimensions, 2007
Between Curb and Black Car, c-print, variable dimensions, 2007
Between Handrail and Glass Façade, c-print, variable dimensions, 2007
Between Pole and Wall, c-print, variable dimensions, 2007
S-curved Sidewalk, c-print, variable dimensions, 2007
Boomerang Fence, c-print, variable dimensions, 2007

On the Edge, 10 min video, silent, color, 2007

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