Out in the Zone

WILD EmbeddingS , Caroline Woodhead, Kalan Sherrard and AnarkoArtLab present the 11th Annual NYC Anarchist Art Festival showing our discontent with the world's political clowns!

For this year's festival, we invited OVER 40 ARTISTS to create visual, sound and performance art that envisions a post-revolutionary anarchist society. What can anarchist art offer to build a new society in the present context? How do we build that society? Let's use this year's OiZ AAF to LOOK AHEAD!

$10-15 suggested donation *PBR + Freegan food will be served!

WILD TØR∇S______Kalan Sherrard_______Poncili Creacion_______Adriana Varella______Non Grata______IN-DIT_______Glass Bead Collective_______Ian Deleón_____Raquel Mavecq______Lorene Bouboushian______Butch Merigoni_______Rainé Eliza_______EX Roman_______KIM FATALE and Ma Xalper_______Andrea Haenggi______Alex Chêllet________Soojin Chang_______Ronit Levin Delgado Rochas______Felix Morelo_______Videopunks_______Jonas Bers_______Alex Villar_______Simone Couto_______Katherine Liberovskaya and Marcia Bassett______Jodf Iudfh Sled_______Thickly Painted Ceiling____Vilma PeDiu_______Eames Armstrong______Cory O'Brien________Marianna Olinger_______David Irving Weiner________Uta Brauser and Flow Flo and Olga Mazurkiewicz _______Shiri Mordechay______Yuko Uchida______ IV Castellanos_______ Nina Isabelle______Olivia Coffey_______Kelley Brannon_______Shelly Voorhees_______Nikki Schiller

Alexandre M. S. Carvalho will be live streaming the festival as a public video projection!

Plus! Saturday May 13th is the Autonomous Art Roundtable: 5:30 pm at Judson Church

In conjunction with the 2017 NYC Anarchist Book Fair, Art, Film and Music Festivals

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