Slowness, Govett-Brewster, New Zealand

Opening: Saturday, October 23 2004
Exhibition: Oct 23 – Dec 12, 2004

The exhibition charts changes in time in a world increasingly influenced by technology. Portable and digital broadcast technology supply 24 hour access to information and people. Work increasingly takes place around the clock and life in the information age is all about speed. Consequently, ‘slowness’ has come to represent something negative and ‘down-time’ (leisure-time, family-time, holidays) is constantly under threat. The artists in Slowness produce works that make the viewer slow down to experience their full effect, pointing to the constancy of technological and social acceleration. The exhibition suggests a timely antidote to an increasingly complicated and fast-spinning world.

Developed by New York based curator Mercedes Vicente, Slowness is an international exhibition featuring eight contemporary artists who examine different aspects of speed, duration and time in a range of works that challenge mass media representation and expectations of contemporary life.

Slowness includes work by François Bucher, Ceal Floyer, Cynthia Lin, Angelika Middendorf, Oscar Muñoz, Keith Sanborn, Wolgang Staehle, Alex Villar and is being exhibited in New Zealand for the first time.

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New Plymouth, New Zealand
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