Temporary Occupations

Installation at Halle für Kunst, Lunenburg

6 min, video,silent, 2001

Temporary Occupations depicts a person running on the sidewalk in New York while ignoring the city’s spatial codes and therefore resisting their effects upon the organization of everyday experience. The clips in the video register situations of temporary invasion and occupation of private spaces located in a public setting. The action simply articulates the continuity of these spaces with the remaining areas from which they were extricated, drawing attention to, and possibly subverting, the boundaries that demarcate them.

Installation, Halle Für Kunst, Lunenburg, Germany, 2001

The installation recreates the situation the video depicts. Two parallel fences divide the space of a rectangular room. Both fences stop before meeting one of their walls, allowing the viewer to pass through the relatively narrow space between the two fences. The video is projected onto one of the fences, on rear screen material. The other fence is covered with a translucent black netting material. The video can be seen from the tree vantage points in relation to the fences: First, slightly obstructed because it is seen through the netting, then very clear but up too close, and finally at an optimum distance but in reverse because the image is being projected onto a rear projection screen. This series of detours in the viewing of the piece invite the viewer to negotiate the mental and bodily dimensions of the experience.

Temporary Occupations, 6 min, silent, video, 2001

Between Brick and Stone Wall, variable dimensions, 2001
Sidewalk Between Garden Lots, variable dimensions, 2001
Gate Over Basement, variable dimensions, 2001
Inward Angled Façade Space, variable dimensions, 2001
Makeshift Wooden Fence, variable dimensions, 2001
Iron Fence on Triangular Fence, variable dimensions, 2001

Temporary Occupations, 6 min, silent, video, 2001

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