The Unknown as we Know it, University of Arts in Poznań

Organized by the University of Arts in Poznan and the Mediations Biennale
September 15, 2012

The conference the Unknown as we Know It is organized together by The Faculty of Multimedia Communication at the University of Arts and the Mediations Biennale 2012 in Poznań. It brings together artists, curators and theoreticians who will share different views on the subject related to the idea of the Unknown which is also the main focus of this edition of the Mediations Biennale. Art is a form of knowledge, it is both, a personal and collective experience of discovering what is known, unknown and unknowable. The aim of the conference is to discuss various different approaches to the subject taking into consideration its philosophical, historical, political and aesthetical aspects. During three sessions the participants of the conference will present results of their practical and theoretical explorations.


10:00 Opening address
Tomasz Wendland (Mediations Biennale)
Marek Wasilewski (University of Arts Poznań)

Session one: artist’s voices
Heather Dewey Hagborg (USA)
Adriana Vallera (Brazil)
Alex Villar (Brazil/USA)
Lenore Malen (USA)
Piotr Kurka (Polska)

Session two: curator’s voices
Denise Carvalho(USA)
Fumio Nanjo (Japan)
Friedhelm Mennekes (Germany)
Tomasz Wendland (Polska)
14:30 Break

15: 00 -17:00
Session three: theoretician’s voices
Hyun Jeung Kim ( Korea)
Simon Morley ( Great Britain)
Jorg Sheller (Switzerland)
Shaheen Merali (Great Britain)


Święty Marcin 80/82 Poznań
Hall on the 1st floor

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