Topology of the Visible, Cuba

5to. Festival Internacional de Videoarte
Curated by Miguel Petchkovsky
April 24–28, 2013

Angie Bonino (Per), Upward Community, Group (Rus), Fernanda D’Agostino (US), Alexandra Dementieva (Bel/Rus), Jeanne Dunning (US), Will Gill (Can), Mattias Härenstam (Nor), Vika Ilyushkina (Rus), Francesca Llopis (Esp), Virginia de Medeiros (Br), Paulo Meira (Br), Cézar Meneghetti (Br/It), Heidi C Morstang (Swe), Maia Navas (Arg), Mat Rappaport (US), Carolina Redondo (Chi/Ger), Jon Sasaki (Can), Maksim Svishev (Rus), Carmen Gil Vrolijk (Col), Fernando Velasquez (Uru/Br), Alex Villar (Br/US).

This participating conceptual framework amounts to an open platform, open to contemporary creativity, therefore, catalyzes and inspires a transversal flow of ideas tangent to everyday experience and individual creativity and disclosing an artificial temporality represented and reproduced by new technologies of image production. This suggests an endorsement for innovation and opportunity for intellectual dialogue within individual and collective spaces of creativity, both perceived and conceived.

This proposal is an open case study in which a group of artists from different cultural backgrounds and aesthetic sensibilities are measuring everything by its ability to show and transmute communication into a visual journey, open to cross cultural and intercultural exploration and interpretation.

This program of international artists has been conceived in a partnership with the Video Guerrilha festival in Brazil and with Time_frame Foundation The Netherlands.

5to.festival Internacional De Videoarte
Luaces No. 153 e/ Independencia y San Pablo
CP: 70 100 – Camagüey – Cuba
(053) 32 256253 / (053) 32 293260 / (053) 32 243167 /

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