Waste Management, Lower Manhattan


A project by Alex Villar curated by Sandra Skurvida
December 2-16, 2006. Opening: December 2, 4-6 pm
Lower Manhattan, New York, US

Waste Management reflects upon what is considered valuable and what is disposable, and what or who might be affected by that process of selection. This project is especially pertinent in the context of the contemporary city, where reconstruction is the ruling imperative. The artist turns a dumpster upside down, transforming its interior space into a cinema; a suitable container for his subject matter. The video inside – a series of deadpan interventions performed in garbage cans, dumpsters, and on the sidewalk – expresses the gamut of waste disposal and recycling situations. Like his previous work, this piece obliquely articulates the resistant potential in everyday experiences.

Waste Management has been made possible, in part, by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council with the generous support of the September 11th Fund.

Weekdays, 5-7pm
Weekends, 4-7pm

Take the 4 or 5 train to Bowling Green, go west on Battery Place along the West Street bike path to South Promenade (south of West Thames Street). Look for a blue dumpster container on the promenade in front of the Ritz-Carlton hotel, which is located at a block east from the Museum of Jewish Heritage.
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| Photo and Quicktime VR courtesy of James Shanks

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