Work: Series

While the grouping of my work in set serves the purpose of organizing pieces under the most prevalent concept in a series, its periodicization is not always chronologically sequential. There is, at times, significant overlap among the series, which indicate that although a new conceptual series may have began, the prior series may not have yet been concluded.

Intensities, 2015-
Vicious Circle (in-progress)

Prosthesis, 2011-2015
Breaking into Business
Breathing Understudy
Splitting Image

Virtualities, 2008-2010
Broken Window
Crash Course
Catching Up
Way to Go

Thresholds, 1999-2007
Alternative Access
Between Places
Irrational Intervals
On the Edge
Temporary Occupations
Upward Mobility

Gaps, 1997-2004
Blind Spots
Der Jasager
Other Spaces
Other Ways

Traces, 1987-1997 (Early Work)
Fingerprint paintings
Stain collages
Walking drawings

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