Selected Workshops
Dissecting the Art Practice, MFA Program, New School. 2015
Hakan Topal and Alex Villar. Pasolini's Saló, Concluding Seminar, Art & Law, New York. 2015
Normalizing Mechanisms Seminar, Art Law Program, New York. 2013
Quotidian Displacements, Cooper Union, New York. 2013
Quotidian Displacements, Dresden University of Fine Arts, Dresden. 2013
Daily Alterations: A Workshop on the Performative Possibilities of Everyday Life, The Royal Academy for Fine Arts, Copenhagen. 2008
Critical Dialogues, Academy of Fine Arts, Umea. 2004
Critical Dialogues. Umea Academy of Fine Arts, New York. 2005
Sculpture Course, Cooper Union, New York. 2006

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