I write mostly while researching for my own projects, as a means to refine the focus on an idea. Text based dialogue with other artists and writers has also been an important tool for reflection on art practice and its raised questions. Beyond those two main strains, writing has often taken the lecture form along with notes on methodology related to workshops.

Like a Fish out of Water, in Water (Poznan: Mediations Biennale, 2012).
Breathing Understudy, in The Sea-Image: Visual Manifestations of Port Cities and Global Waters (New York: Newgray, 2011).
Blind Spots: Connecting Nodal Points (Dublin: Printed Project: Circulation, 2009).
Freirean Detours, in Homework (New York: Artwurl, 2007).
On Theory, De-sign catalogue (Colchester: University of Essex, 2006).
The Business Turn (New York: Constricted Breath, 2005).
9/12, in Radioactive (New York: White Box, 2002).

Conversation with Ashley Hunt, Ashley Hunt and Alex Villar (New Orleans: Prospectus, October 2008).
Working: Conversations on Contemporary Art and Politics, Andrea Geyer, Ashley Hunt, Maryam Jafri, Kara Lynch, Sharon Hayes, Ulrike Muller, Valerie Tevere, David Thorne and Alex Villar (New York: Artwurl, 2004).

Processes of Formalization in Pasolini’s Saló (New York: Art & Law Program, 2015).
Minding the law: life, liberty, and the pursuit of art (New York: International Studio & Curatorial Program, 2014.
Normalizing Mechanisms (New York: Art Law Program, 2013).
Fortified Zones, Hakan Topal and Alex Villar (New York: International Studio & Curatorial Program, 2009.

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